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Bob Slay UV Blue Acrylic ATX Case by Mountain Mods.  
Bob Slay UV Blue Acrylic Case
The Bob Slay UV Blue Acrylic custom case by Mountain Mods is an excellent case with many unique features.  It should make  most any gamer happy. 
We were looking for a case for a new Vista machine.  Having had previous problems with overheating video cards we initially focused on cases with 25cm side fans to provide adequate cooling. 
But then we came across the Bob Slay Acrylic case.  SFF (Small Form Factor) cases had always looked cool, but ultimately lacked upgradability, sufficient cooling, and standardized parts.  The Bob Slay case was near SFF sized but allowed for full size components in a compact case. 
By default, the Bob Slay case ships with room for two 5.25 drives and comes with two 120mm Fan openings. 
The case is divided into 2 compartments, with the motherboard on the top, and the drives and power supply in the lower section. 
We noted that the lower compartment had no fan openings or air intake.  We planned on putting in a Hard Disk that is known to overheat so were a bit worried about temperatures in the lower section. 
In addition we knew that a 25mm fan would not fit in this case, but figured if an additional 120mm fan could be mounted to blow on the PCI-E slots, everything would be quite cool, no matter what video card was put into the system. 
So we wrote to Mountain Mods inquiring about additional case mods.  They were happy to please and make everything according to our specifications.  In addition the price was most excellent.  We were charged just $10 per panel that needed modded. 
So we had them add in two 120mm fan openings, one on top and one on the bottom of the left side.  The bottom opening would just be for air, with no fan mounted.  The top fan would blow on the video card and any PCI cards we would add. 
We also had them add in an additional 5.25 drive opening, and two 3.5 drive bays to the front, for future expandability. 
Since drives mount the the Bob Slay case from the bottom we had a couple extra mounting holes drilled in to support the additional 3.5 inch drive bays. 
Since we like a clean case, we had them leave off the Bob Slay and Mountain Mods logos.  You can add your own custom Laser Etched logo for $15. 
Total price for the modifications was only $30, which we found quite reasonable. 
Since Mountain Mods is located in our State, shipping was a very inexpensive at $14. 
Here is how it arrived. 
  Bob Slay Shipping Box
The contents are packed in the typical foam peanuts.  They worked great and no parts were damaged in shipping. 
Box Contents
The Bob Slay case comes as ready-to-assemble acrylic panels.  The panels and other components were wrapped in a cocoon of plastic Cling wrap. 
Wrapped Panels
Mountain Mods has an option to ship the case pre-assembled for an additional $40. 
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Item: Bob Slay Case
Rating: 90 out of 100
Manufacturer: Mountain Mods
Supplier: Mountain Mods
Street Price: $150 USD ($180 as shown)
Reviewer: Flex
Review Date: December 2006
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