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  Book of Classes  
  The Book of Classes is an upcoming licensed 3rd party supplement to Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.   
  It should contain information on at least 8 different player classes, including over 1000 powers, many Paragon Paths, Class feats, Implements, and more.   
  We have the most of the playtests up: Elementalist, Skald, Shamus, Acrobat, Valkyrie, Psionicist, and Phantomancer.    
  When released, you can purchase a copy of the Book of Classes at DriveThruRpg.com  
  The following classes are scheduled to be included in the Book of Classes:  
Acrobat Agile defender who uses agility to evade attacks and can challenge enemy mobs.
Elementalist Controller who specializes in pets. 
Phantomancer Controller utilizing Illusions and Phantasms. 
Psionicist Striker, best against single, tough opponents. 
Shamus Fantasy Detective leader. 
Skald Bard striker specializing in group buffs and debuffs. 
Strike Lord 8 types of strikers including Fire Lords, Night Lords, Thunder Lords, and Lightning Lords. 
Valkyrie Armored defender excelling at damage resistance and shield use. 
Book of Classes cover
Compatible with D and D 4th Edition
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