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Book of Races
  Book of Races  
  The Book of Races is a licensed 3rd party supplement to Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.   
  It contains information on 14 different player races, including over 100 racial feats and over 10 racial Paragon Paths.   
  Check out our Ling racial preview here  
  You can purchase a digital copy of the full Book of Races at DriveThruRpg.com  
  The following races are included in the Book of Races:   
Avian Tribal birdmen, wise in the ways of nature and magic.
Bjorn Large, durable, ursines both gentle and ferocious.
Excelsion Tough, blue-skinned humanoids, known to excel in their chosen profession.
Ferralyn Furry, agile cat-folk with a passion for perfection.
Insectoid Human-sized insects, seeking truth and individuality.
Leonine Beautiful and powerful individuals from the Astral Sea, possessing bodies rippling with muscle and sculpted to perfection.
Ling Small and mischievous, Lings provide a touch of chaos in the world.
Nymph Beautiful and alluring women with an affinity for water.
Obsidian Black, nocturnal adventurers, solid of body and mind.
Radiant Golden skinned beings who strive for excellence.
Storm Elf Elves of the mountains, controlling the power of storms.
Tarsion Intelligent and agile primates full of energy and exuberance.
Vixen Attractive fox-people who are cunning, quick, and illusive.
Volem Sentient Golems of rock, crystal, flesh, mud, and more.