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  Frequently Asked Questions:  
  Q: Leonine and Radiants know Supernal. Does this mean everyone can understand them?
A: Not initially, but they can take an Epic tier feat that allows everyone to understand them when they speak Supernal.
  Q: Does a Leonines Invigoration (+2 HP per heal) work on a normal Second Wind? What about when they use a healing potion? How is regeneration affected by Invigoration?
A: A Leonines Invigoration provides an additional 2 HP each time they are healed, regardless of the source. So it works when they use Second Wind and when they drink a healing potion, as well as other forms of healing. For regeneration effects, the Invigoration provides 1 additional HP per tick.
  Q: How can a creature detect that a Vixens Fox Spirit is not the real Vixen?
A: As a minor action, a creature can make an active opposed skill check, pitting their Intuition roll vs. the Vixens Bluff check.
  Q: Is there any distinction in the Book of Races between powers, abilities, and effects?
A: Not really. These words are used in this book interchangeably. Powers, Abilities, and Effects might include racial abilities, or class powers, or effects gained from items.
  Q: Which races bleed?
A: All races are vulnerable to bleed attacks. Most races bleed red blood. Nymphs bleed blue or greenish blood. Insectoids bleed white, yellow, or green ichor. Most Volems do not bleed, though fleshbody Volems bleed red, and woodbody Volems leak sap. Volem body parts turn to ash after being separated from their bodies. Radiants leak a small amount of light when first cut, though this is usually only visible in the dark.
  Q: How come there are no monster write-ups of the races?
A: We hope to release a monstrous manual in the future which shall contain statistics on using these races as monsters.
  Q: Can Rockbody Volems swim?
A: Yes, all Volems can swim. Their weight is offset by the fact that they do not need to breathe. All races found in this book can potentially excel at swimming.
  If you have additional questions you can send them to:  Info@GameVein.com