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Sirtec High Power Rock Solid 1200 watt Power Supply
Today we review the High Power Rock Solid 1200 watt PSU, an excellent power supply from Sirtec.  
Sirtec is not the same company as the makers of the old RPG classic Wizardry.  Instead it is a hardware manufacturer based in Taiwan with offices in Europe, which has been producing power supplies for over 12 years.  Rumors are their PSUs are rebranded as Thermaltake, Lian Li, Chieftec, and other known companies.  Recently quite a few 1200 watt PSUs have been released and they all seem to be based on the Sirtec design, including the Sunbeam Tunic Ensemble 1200w and the CoolMax CUQ 1200b.  
The Sunbeam Tunic seems to be a non-modular version of the Sirtec High Power, and the CoolMax appears to be the same as the Sirtec, except with gold trimmings.  
We would like to thank Sirtec for sending us a unit to review.  
Our PSU arrived from Europe with an American Football player covering the front of the box.  Football players definitely are tough and rock solid, as is this PSU.  
The front of the package informs us that the PSU is ready for either a Crossfire set-up or SLI.  With 1.2 Kilowatts of power, this PSU is more than ready.  
The High Power Rock Solid is a modular Power Supply.  Its modular connectors are packaged in a separate cardboard box, above the PSU.  
The PSU itself is oversized and is sealed in a well-made, black,  brushed metal housing.  
The label on the side informs us that the PSU has 4 Rails, 2 rated at 20 amps and 2 rated at 25 amps.  Total power adds up to 1200 watts.  
The High Power Rock Solid has a plethora of connectors, some modular and some included natively, built into the PSU.  
The native cables alone should be enough for most computer setups and include 3 IDE connectors, 3 SATA , and 2 PCI-E 6 connectors.  
With the modular cables we can add in another 6 IDE connectors, 6 SATA, and 4 PCI Express (2 PCI-E 6 and 2 PCI-E 8).  
The native cables take up a fair amount of bulk just on their own.  
With a power supply of this level, it is important to have modular connectors, as many of them shall not be needed and can be removed to provide a cleaner case with better airflow.  
Native, built-in cables.  
Here we see the modular connectors on the front of the PSU.  Users can add just the cables needed for their configuration.  
The modular cables, (2 IDE, 2 SATA, 4 PCI Express)
The PSU itself is quite nice looking.  It seems sturdy and should fit aesthetically in most cases.  It contains no lighting elements.  
The rear of the Power Supply has an 8cm exhaust fan and on-off switch.  Note the lack of voltage selector.  
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Item: Sirtec High Power Rock Solid 1200w PSU
Rating: 92 out of 100
Manufacturer: Sirtec
Supplier: Sirtec
Street Price: $360 USD,  €240 Euros
Reviewer: Flex
Review Date: December 2007
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